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Anime, Games, Technology and anything else that pique's my interest.

When I was a boy my life revolved around games. I grew up spending my weekend's not over the park or playing football (which I did try once, and failed miserably) but instead would be inside in my bedroom trying to complete Zelda: Ocarina of Time (took me 10 years.... with a walkthrough.... if i'm honest) and playing Snowboard Kids which are both on the N64. Around that time I also got the Game Boy Colour and Pokemon Blue (Blastoise FTW) and played it constantly including trying the imfamous Mew glitch a few times. Me and my friend with similar gaming tastes decided to get Phantasy Star Online for the GameCube. Although we both played it offline we both lost 300+ hours of our life's on that game.

Fast forward some years, I got into World Of Warcraft. I played mainly on a private server called WOWSCAPE (that later got shut down quite forcibly by Blizzard) where I joined a guild that had a few members that me and my friend got on very well with, after around a year of raiding with this group there was a split of power in the guild and it got disbanded literally overnight whilst I was offline. In an attempt to not loose contact with the key members of the guild I created another guild called BlessingOfChaos. So we started again under the new name and continued to raid together until the week it was shut down.

Because of the great times I had on WOW and the fact that I created the name, I decided to change my then used name Ace/Acefire to BlessingOfChaos on any game that I played after.

I was talking to a member of the guild one day and he said that he was going to a local book event that had some Japanese translated books called Manga. Having never heard of these before I was interested and because he was such a nice person he sent me a book from the show titled Chibi Vampire Vol.1. Not being a comic person I was sceptical at first but I soon loved the story and found myself buying the rest of the volumes plus a few more series such as Love Hina, Chobits and DearS.

Following on from this I discovered Anime, and with this discovery I realised that what I had been watching for years such as Pokemon, Dragonball Z and Digimion was not actually a cartoon but this other type of media called Anime. Because of my love for Chibi Vampire I have developed a fondness for romantic Anime that has a very strong progression of a romance through the series. After watching a few series that really hit the spot with my tastes I got addicted to Anime, and now I will watch at least one episode a night before bed and on a weekend I have been known to watch a whole series in one day.

During the 'Japan Culture Learning stage' I was still constantly devouring games, trying a ton of MMO's trying to replicate the feeling I had in WOWSCAPE, (never happened) playing PS2 , PS3, 360, 3DS, Vita ect. (With a focus on RPG's) And I also took up an interest in card games especially YuGiOh and MTG, where I attended local tournaments and played online. I also met my lovely partner Amelia that has stuck with me for nearly 6 years now that I think the world of. She has also started to play some games now, she only plays multiplayer and our main game is League of Legends although we have played GW, GW2 and other games together.

TL;DR  My Life - Games Anime Movies Cards Manga Girlfriend.

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